cs101 Discrete Structures
cs102 Computer Programming Fund.
cs103 Intro. to Computer Programming
cs105 Practicum for Structural Programming
cs211 Software Development using API
cs213 Data Structures
cs215 Programming Practicum using API
cs223 Computer Organization & Architecture
cs275 Human Information Processing
cs284 Intro. to Software Engineering
cs285 Practices & Patterns in O-O Programming
cs286 Software Process & Quality Assurance
cs287 Software Requirement Specification and Management
cs296 Art and Design Foundations
cs297 Fundamental Techniques in Computer Graphics using API
cs298 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
cs299 Computer Graphics 1
cs300 Seminar in Practical Programming
cs301 Computer Science Project Proposal and Presentation
cs342 Net-Centric Computing 1
cs355 Mobile Application Development
cs365 Basic Theory in Artificial Intelligence
cs374 Human – Computer Interaction
cs387 Software Configuration Management
cs396 Computer Graphics Modeling
cs401 Special Projects 1
cs407 Seminar in Software Engineering
cs409 Selected Topics in Computer Science
cs427 Parallel Algorithm Designs
cs447 Operating Systems 2
cs448 Net-Centric Computing 3This course requires an enrolment key
cs449 Selected Topics in Net-Centric Computing
cs456 Management Information Systems
cs457 Database Systems 2
cs465 Advanced Search Strategies
cs479 Selected Topics in Multimedia Content Analysis
cs488 Formal Methods
cs498 Game Programming